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The art of Speech

    The art of speech, meaningful debate and words that reveal mountains of unexplored thought are all but absent in conversations today. Once the masters of decay realized how easy it was to lead people astray with eye candy and shock imagery it ushered in the end. Who knew how deeply it would penetrate […]

Mega Church

                                            Will you join me in giving to people who need it.   I think we can afford this…   Find a worthy cause where 100% of your gift goes to help someone. That’s […]

Practicing Empty Religion

  There are large groups of people who remove themselves from secular life and choose to live in seclusion. They elect a set of rules that deny self and dress with the least amount of flattery. They deny themselves conveniences and luxuries and speak of doing so to honor God. There are other groups of people […]

God’s most passionate ministry

Something that most people are not aware of and very surprised to hear is the reason for the destruction of Sodom was because of the wealthy people’s indifference to the poor and not the blatant sexual sin so often referred to. Ignoring the poor is a great evil in God’s eyes. Old Testament scripture instructed the Jews […]

The Greatest trend in Christianity today

The greatest thing to ever happen within the church is beginning right now! First let me say this trend, this tide of renewed direction, this action that is taking hold of individuals and whole churches is the greatest thing I’ve seen in my 40 plus years as a Christian. It is by far the purest, most […]


A quick overview of the movie industry production code of ethics or its popular name “The Hayes Commission”.  I found this fascinating to read and it also serves as a time capsule contrasting then and now.  Below are just some highlights… It really boiled over in1922; some movies were released that had content which shocked […]

Color Blind

Color Blind… Can you explain color to a blind person? Can you explain rain drops falling from a lone cloud. Explain what light looks like as it’s coming from the sun. Sure you can feel its warmth, but you can’t use simple words like warm and cold or rain to describe them…explain it so we […]

End Days the Film is unique

End Days the film is a huge departure from the normal Christian film…because it’s not really a Christian film or is it? First we are planning to post it on YouTube and we are releasing it as an ongoing series. Secondly this film is being written with the unsaved in mind and not the Christian. […]

The Power of Sharing

These testimonies are powerful, but not every video is suited for every person. Watch them and see which one touches your heart and then share it with someone you know it will help.

Storm Coming

Here’s a quick read on a heavy subject. In the late 60’ & early 70’s there was a huge group of people that came to Christ that most refer to as Jesus people. They entered into traditional churches and became somewhat the foundation for the churches of today. The early days were exciting and these Jesus […]